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Glidescope-What is a Glidescope?

GlideScope Background:

What is Glidescope-Glidescope Intubation and why is a glidescope used? If you find yourself in need of surgery, for example, “gallbladder removal-Cholecystectomy“or help to breathe due to illness then you may require Endotracheal Intubation.

What is a GlideScope?
GlideScope monitor and handle.

In modern airway management, there has been a multitude of product developments to facilitate endotracheal intubation.   One of the most popular and useful tools has been the introduction of the Video Glidescope to perform Glidescope-Glidescope Intubation. According to a 2014 study, the use of a Glidescope for intubation had a greater first-attempt success rate versus direct laryngoscopy. The system consists of a video screen, a handle, and a rigid stylet.

A Glidescope is an advanced airwa device that can only be used by highly trained practitioners.


Anatomy that can be seen by a Glidescope:

Vocal Cords-Glidescope
Vocal Cords

The Glidescope-Glidescope Intubation

What makes the Glidescope unique is that at the tip of the glidescope handle there is a tiny video camera that connects to a video screen. When the practitioner introduces the glidescope handle into the patient’s airway, the small camera gives a clear image of the airway anatomy. In particular, the video screen helps provide the health care provider with a clearer picture of the vocal cords.

Vocal Cords as seen from a Glidescope.
Vocal Cords-Glidescope View

With Traditional endotracheal intubation, the anesthetist uses a laryngoscope to sweep the tongue to the left during laryngoscopy and looks directly at the vocal cords. However, with the glideslope, the laryngoscopy Is performed by introducing the handle in the middle of the tongue displacing it anteriorly and then visualizing the vocal cords on the video monitor.


Updated on January 28, 2019

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